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Psychedelic trance tracks

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Progressive trance suggestions :: Transgenic Tools Vol.1 - Butterflies  
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2004 5:32 pm    Post subject: Psychedelic trance tracks Reply with quote

Once in a club I heard tracks in which it was like a hammer being hit in my head or u can say noise of an extreme machine with very very hard bass ....I asked people what kind of muzic is this , they said its called psychedelic trance ... can you people please suggest me few tracks like those because they were really nice. if possible the source too. Thanks to sunix for his previous reply on my progressive tracks topic. he was a great help . please help me with this one tooo people, as I am a beginner in this field.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2004 12:09 am    Post subject: Psychedelic trance tracks Reply with quote


05.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_Shoot_it_Out-2003-MYCEL
05.Sep. Psychedelic Star-X_-_Prepare_to_Fly-2003-MYCEL
08.Sep. Ambient VA_-_Latina_Beach_Bar_Vol_2-2003-MYCEL
08.Sep. Ambient Stress_Assassin_-_Carrier_Track-2003-MYCEL
08.Sep. Ambient Fly_-_Ambient_City_Lounge-2003-MYCEL
08.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_Interdimensional_Space_Frequencies-2003-MYCEL
08.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_Voices_Of_Madness-2003-UPE
09.Sep. Trance Paul_Van_Dyk-Reflections-CD-2003-POW
09.Sep. Techno VA_-_Ricardo_Villalobos_-_in_the_Mix_-_Taka_Taka-2003
10.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_Interdimensional_Space_Frequencies-TRACKFIX-2003-MYCEL
10.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_State_Of_Emotion-2003-MYCEL
10.Sep. Electronic Violet_Vision_-_Unfold-2003-MYCEL
10.Sep. Ambient VA_-_Chillout_Zone_Vol_4-CD-2003-iDC
11.Sep. Psychedelic VA-Goa_Sounds_for_Planet_Earth-2003-NBD
12.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_Clarity-PROPER-2003-MYCEL
12.Sep. Psychedelic Logic_Bomb_-_Exposure_Festival(05-Sep)-2003-MfG
12.Sep. Psychedelic Son_Kite_-_Exposure_Festival(05-Sep)-2003-MfG
12.Sep. Psychedelic Central_Processing_Unit_-_Central_Processing_Unit-2003-PsyCZ
12.Sep. Trance VA-Anjunabeats_Vol_1__Mixed_by_Above_and_Beyond-Promo-CD-2003-SND
13.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_Psychedelic_Dreams_Vol_2-2003-MYCEL
13.Sep. Techno VA-Kanzleramt_4-(KA97)-CD-2003-MTC
13.Sep. Psychedelic Sensient_-_Blue_Neevus-2003-UPE
14.Sep. Ambient Jp-Juice_-_Fukai-(Retail)-2003-UPE
15.Sep. Psychedelic Kada_Sarva_-_Cold_Lake-EP-2003-gEm
15.Sep. Psychedelic Bio-Tonic_-_Exposure_Festival(05-Sep)-2003-MfG
16.Sep. Ambient Bluetech_-_Prima_Materia-2003-MYCEL
16.Sep. Electronic Sounds_From_The_Ground-Natural_Selection-2003-RNS
17.Sep. Psychedelic Dj_Guy_Salama-B-Trance_On_Radio_BU_99FM_13-09-2003-1REAL
18.Sep. Psychedelic Penta-Live_at_the_DNA_Lounge_9-13-2003-HEB
20.Sep. Electronic VA-The_Sound_Of_Cologne_3-2003-BEX
20.Sep. House Christopher_S_-_House_Boulevard-CD-2003-KTMP3
20.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_Sirius-2003-PsyCZ
21.Sep. Psychedelic Fullcolor_-_Utopia-2003-MYCEL
22.Sep. House John_Digweed_-_Live_at_In_Sessions_20-09-2003-EviL
23.Sep. Electronic VA-Cenart-(slsk003)-2003-soulseekrecords
24.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_Alfa-2003-PsyCZ
24.Sep. House VA-Progressive_Summer__Mixed_By_DJ_List--Promo-CD-2003-UTE
24.Sep. Lo-Fi VA-Chillout_Lounge_2-2CD-2003-RNS
26.Sep. Psychedelic Etnoscope_-_Drums_From_The_Dawn_Of_Time-2003-UPE
26.Sep. Psychedelic Gen_6-Genesis-CDA-2002-wAx
27.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_The_Sound_of_C23CHTEK_-_Two_Worlds_By_Cymoon-2003-mCZ
27.Sep. Psychedelic Dino_Psaras_-_Lick_it-2003-MYCEL
27.Sep. Psychedelic Psyside_-_Turbulences-Promo-2003-MYCEL
28.Sep. Psychedelic Mekkanikka_-_Basic_Tribal_Pattern-2003-UPE
28.Sep. Psychedelic Protoculture_-_Refractions-Promo-2003-MYCEL
28.Sep. Psychedelic Flying_Scorpions_-_Lipoptena_Cervi-2003-PsyCZ-VBR
30.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_Peace_Therapy-2003-MYCEL
30.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_Stimulus-2003-MYCEL
30.Sep. Ambient Geemel_-_Smoke_Dub-2003-MYCEL
30.Sep. Psychedelic VA_-_Psycomex-Mexican_Trance_Compilation-2003-MYCEL
03.Oct. Psychedelic Bassid_-_Rise_And_Shine-EP-2003-UPE
03.Oct. Psychedelic Spectrum_-_XXX-2003-UPE
03.Oct. Psychedelic VA_-_Progress_Froggy_World-2003-UPE
03.Oct. Psychedelic VA_-_Phaethons_Voyage-2003-MYCEL
03.Oct. Psychedelic Mechanix_-_Illegal_Dance-2003-UPE
03.Oct. Psychedelic VA_-_Psychedelic_Radio-2cd-2003-gEm
03.Oct. Psychedelic VA_-_Goa_Sound_System_Vol_2-2cd-2003-gEm
04.Oct. Ambient VA_-_Sky_Dancing_Nada_Masala_Vol_3-2003-MYCEL
04.Oct. Psychedelic Triptych_-_Lost_Paradise-2003-PsyCZ

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 9:18 pm    Post subject: Hard trance or Psychedelic trance ? Reply with quote

I would have thought you are referring to Hard Trance not psychedelic trance... icon_question.gif
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